Feature Request - Overlapping Location Tags and Tag Selection

LuckyP62 3 years ago updated by tcmccormick 2 years ago 1

When a location has multiple services, I'd like to segregate why I was there by tagging the specific location. Currently, overlapping location circles are given a warning to remove the overlap and there is no way to select which location (in an overlapping circle) you wish to use.

Allow selecting (or changing selection) for a given location when marking a drive. e.g. If there are overlapping circles for two different Locations that are co-located and the drive is auto-tagged or not tagged at all - allow me to select which location i'd like assigned (or if wrong one was assigned - change it to the other location)

Yes, we get the warning of overlap of Tagged locations, but I can find no way to correct this. For example there is a Tag next to the curb of our Home and then a Tag in the garage. I need these to be one Tag location not two. I changed the circle so they are exactly the same size and it still gives the warning. If we cannot merge then allow us to delete one.