Missing TeslaFi Commands via API

dburkland 4 years ago updated by marc lemmens@elia be 2 years ago 4

Would it be possible to add the following commands to TeslaFi which could then be triggered via the TeslaFi API?

* Actuate Frunk

* Actuate Trunk

* Turn On Climate and allow  to set cabin temperature to a specific value

* Turn On A Specific Seat Heater w/ ability to set heat level

* Open & Close Windows

* Trigger HomeLink

Thanks to Tesla's recent MFA-related API changes I would much prefer to have my iOS Shortcuts point directly at TeslaFi since you are already keeping track of vehicle wake state and have the appropriate wake logic built into your API.



Missing the Homelink in API commands.

Created a Grafana dashboard for Tesla Model 3 and I would like to add the Homelink button.

Many thanks in advance.

+1. These additions would be very useful as Alfred describes. 

+1. Would love to have homelink and trunk actuation added to the API. Exposing the Teslafi API to homekit using a solid homebridge plugin. That way, you get robust low latency integration and automation with Siri without having to worry about car not going to sleep. But lack of Teslafi API calls to open trunk or garage (with homelink) means most useful features are impossible to implement for the homebridge plugin.

Am a premium user x2 so keeping my fingers crossed this can be made a priority!

I would really love to see the ability to set cabin temp and to trigger Homelink via the API.

Any chance we can get these commands added James?