Graph scaling

Siggy101 3 years ago updated by DanTeslaX 2 years ago 2

The graphs in the 'drive details' page are really useful.  I often feel the need to click certain parameters to exclude them from the graph so I can focus on a particular metric.  When you remove a parameter that has the highest or lowest numbers, it would be really nice if the graph would then rescale and zoom in to see more granularity for the remaining parameters.


Let me add another vote for FIXED graph scaling.  I want to be able to see if my battery (or other parameter) is essentially unchanged, or actually down 80%.  Auto-Scale to make tiny variations occupy the entire vertical range destroy a graph's utility.


I actually want the exact opposite. I want to be able to choose the graph scale manually so that a light day's usage doesn't look exactly the dame as a heavy day's usage.