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battery report is blank / not capturing charges

wgc138 4 years ago updated by James 4 years ago 3

The battery report and battery report (beta) are currently blank, showing no data with 22 combined charges. Is there a minimum number of charges before the report is available?

I have noticed a gap in my battery repot of 10 days between 8th November to 18th November when I definitely have charges that are shown.

Your current search criteria on the battery report is set to show charges above 60% and there are two charges between the dates you listed.  If you lower the search to 50% more it will show in the report if there are charges recorded accordingly.  If you're seeing anything else please open a support ticket and let us know which charges are not appearing on the report and we'll definitely look into it.

Under review

The current search criteria on your battery report are set to an ending date of October 10th.  If you extend the search criteria you will see the charges you've performed since signing up for TeslaFi.