Create firmware update notes

James 7 years ago updated by StefanSarzio 7 years ago 2

Add a note field for each firmware update received on a users vehicle. This note would be optionally viewable by other users.

Beneficial notes could be:

Took 45 minutes to install.

Received over wifi or OTA.

Added xxx feature.

ev-fw.com seems to be able to automatically detect wether an update was downloaded via 3g or wifi. If possible, please add that, too.

I think this could be quite useful, though in most cases it's not at all clear what is included in a firmware update (most are minor bug fixes or invisible adjustments to navigation or autopilot). What would be really useful, though, would be to be able to tag update releases with major version numbers (e.g. Version 8.1) and to tie these versions to screenshots or text adaptations of the release notes for that version