Battery Degradation as a function of age OR mileage

DaveM 4 years ago updated by Alexander Blach 2 years ago 1

The "Battery Degradation Report" is very interesting but I have a low mileage M3 (~12k miles) that is 28 months old.  My degradation report is showing a more extreme capacity decline since I'm being compared to much newer vehicles.  It would be interesting to also be able to see how my car compares to models of the same age.  Comparing vehicles with similar age AND mileage would be ideal but I suspect that population would be very small.

I'm having the same problem. I have a Model 3 from October 2019 with only about 14600km and the battery report shows a much higher degradation than the fleet, but it compares a >2 year old battery with batteries that are only a few months old (having the same mileage). 

There should be an additional filter that only compares charges with batteries that are about the same age (e.g. the age difference shouldn't be more than 2 months).