Separate charge price settings for AC and DC

600SL 4 years ago updated by rakeb 3 years ago 1

Hi James,
We have now many providers with different price tags for AC (up to 22kW) and DC (50kW ChaDeMo, CCS) chargers. Could you detect if charging is done by AC or DC and use the configured price tag per kWh?

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Yes, it would be a very helpful feature. I drive an European version of the Model 3 with CSS .

Here in Germany, there are many many public chargers with both (22 kW) AC and (50 kW) DC plugs, and AC charging and DC charging prices are different. With the current system, I can only set one "cost per kWh" for a location which end up miscalculating the charging session cost when the set price is AC and I charge DC, or the other way around. We have to fix the cost now on the charging sessions with the current system.

It would be great to have a "Default AC charging pricing" feature and a "Default DC charging pricing" feature -- just like the "Supercharging Default Pricing" feature. It will ease keeping track of the correct charging costs. 

I know CCS sessions are detected as supercharging sessions and hence automatically enforcing the DC charging price will not work, but this will at least work for the tagged chargers and AC charge sessions.

Another idea, isn't it possible to collect all the actual Tesla supercharger locations? Then when a Model 3 plugs into a CSS charger that is not included in the collected Tesla supercharger list, you could estimate/assume that it is a CCS session. I am sure you've thought of it ;) but this functionality would ease the pain of changing the charger type for every DC charger sessions.