Set charge limit rule didn't run

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I have a few weekday rules setup in order to warm up my battery before leaving for work. This morning the set_charge_limit=90 rule didn't run at 5:15, instead I got 2 charge_start at 5:16. This has been working flawlessly all week.

The schedule is:

5:14 - wake_up

5:15 - set_charge_limit=90

5:16 - charge_start

5:45 - auto_conditioning_start

7:00 - set_charge_limit=85

Image 214

I think I captured a successful retry after failure:

Not quite sure about the orange stuff - no idea what is for the best if an schedule event occurs during driving. If you park within the next 5 minutes should the schedule start? or should any retry which successfully connects, and finds that the car is driving, cancel that schedule event?


I've put all vehicles on the new version of the data logger which attempts to run a schedule for up to 5 minutes until it receives a 'True' response from the API.


I have a new version of the schedules ready to test if you would like to try it.  The new version will attempt the command until it receives a true response from the API for up to 5 minutes.

If anyone would like to run this new version before I release it please email me at support@teslafi.com with your username or car id.



Re: your comment about a "missed minute", what would happen if your APP failed to communicate with the car in that minute? I have quite a few "no comms" entries in my raw logs, as I live out in the country. Perhaps the task should be retried, whilst overdue, until successful (for some Max Minutes limit)?. Perhaps that would solve a missed-minute too, as the task would remain overdue until "marked completed"

Hi James, not sure if this is related, but this morning my "start charging" schedule failed, the API data shows an error "API Error - Data Request Timeout." the minute before and after the schedule should have started at 4.42.

The scheduler id 1040 from the schedules log:

The schedule:

kind regards, Erik

This morning it completely skipped my 7am task to set charge limit to 85.

Under review


I've been noticing an issue with the data logger that has been causing it to log twice in one minute and then skipping the next minute.  For example 1:01:01 and 1:01:59 and 1:03:01.  I think this is what happened and it skipped the minute that your schedule was supposed to occur.

I think I've corrected this issue but I also want to put in place a backup to make sure the schedule has run as planned and re-run it if it was not,  I'll keep this open until I have that in place.

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