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XeonSX 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 1

How is charging session start / end calculated?  I have a charging entry, logged an hour ago, that only lasted about an hour however teslafi is showing that I was charging for about 3 days and this is despite having lots of drives and other idling sessions.  See screen shot below. Location of this charge was also wrong.  My suspicion is it decided to count charging session from the first API entry with charging state=Charging but after the last charging state=Charging.  3 days ago I did indeed charge in that location and there is a record charging state=Stopped, however the next minute API shows charging again but no stopped followed.  If this is true, 1 missed or wrong API entry can have a serious consequences.  Would it be possible to add a possibility to edit raw API entry?  I'm sure other fixes would be much harder to implement.


The second charge on the 4th after the stop was marked as charge number 20 by the data logger.  The new charge from today was also marked as charge 20 so I'm assuming something happened when the charge from today started which prevented it from obtaining the next charge number.  I'm not sure why, I've never seen it happen before but I'll keep an eye on it and setup a logging indicator if it happens again.

The data logger marked starts and stops fine, it has multiple catches in place to interpret missing data points.  It just appears something glitches today.

I merged the two charges from the 4th together since there was only 1 charging point from the 2nd charge and it appears ok now.

I don't have any plans to allow for manually editing the data at this time but there is a feature request I believe in for it.



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