Scheduled control for "Home" triggered while driving

BjörnTM 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2


I've been using scheduled controls for a long time, and one of them is turn HVAC on when at home, and then 15 mins later turn it off when (still) at home. Yesterday and today the last scheduled item triggered even though I was driving (multiple km's from home). Did something change? 



Thanks for your quick response.

Can't remember I experienced this before, and now two days in a row. Nothing changed from my side either.

Wouldn't it be smart to cancel any sleep attempt before running a scheduled control? It doesn't really make sense to turn off the hvac during a sleep attempt since the car will wake up anyway from the command itself. 

Actually from looking at the raw data and matching it with the schedules log it looks like the schedules that went through went through because you were in the middle of a sleep attempt.  You probably were driving but TeslaFi didn't know this because a sleep attempt was occurring.