Add starting charge percentage to battery reports

RayF 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

I wonder if the starting and ending charge percentages affects the estimated range. You already have an ending percent column "Charge %." Would you add a column for the starting percentage too. I'd like it in both the Battery Report and the Battery Report Beta.

To get all the variables I wanted to investigate my Estimated Range decrease, I had to downloaded "Search and Download Charges" data and combined it with copy and pasted data from the Battery Degradation Report. I deleted rows with charges less than an hour or missing data. 

I plotted Starting and Ending Battery percent, their difference, kWh added, Outside Temperature and Estimated Range At 100% versus dates for my 1,200 to my current 7,900 miles.

From the charts, temperature visually correlates best with the Estimated Range fluctuations charge to charge. Charges were typically started at 40% and ended at 80%.  My last month's milder charges started at around 60% and their kWh tracks the recent drop in range.

I now have 7,500 miles and my estimated mileage has dropped from 315 rated to 282 or 10% loss. It was 308 until around 1,600 miles than ramped down to about 294 at 3,200 where it's stayed with a temporary dip to 288. Most charges started from around 40% and ended at 80%. 

I installed solar and Powerwalls a month ago and started charging at 50 - 60% to 80%. The estimated range has dropped to 284. Out of 18 vehicles with similar mileage, mine is the lowest. I suspect there's a correlation with the smaller recharge range. Adding the "Starting Charge %" would make the data analysis much easier.