Auto tag with multiple vehicles

Peter_M 4 years ago updated by Peter_M 4 years ago 2

I have a ton of tagged locations and auto-tag rules in my initial TeslaFi account for my Model S. I just got a Model Y and I would like to use all those with the new car. I set up a new account for the Model Y and was able to import the tagged locations when linking it, but auto-tag rules don't seem to be applied, and I'm not sure if new tagged locations in my original account will work for the new car. I'd like to be able to keep using my original account, switch between vehicles with the Vehicle menu, and have all the tagged locations and auto-tag rules apply to both cars, including new locations and rules I add over time. It seems that there should be just one account, where most settings are common to all vehicles, rather than two accounts with duplicated settings. 

If there's no quick solution to this, could you manually copy my auto-tag rules to my new account? I'd have to update both accounts whenever I make a change, but it would save a lot of time getting set up. Thanks.

Awesome, thank you!!


An option has been added when linking accounts to also share the auto tags as well as tagged locations.  Setup on the website is in place and the logger will start using the linked auto tags in the next hour.