Negative Charge Efficiency

ervwalter-2017-model-s 7 years ago updated by RCS 6 years ago 5

My latest charge session (charge #25, still currently in progress) is showing negative kWh added and negative charge efficiency.  I assume this is some kind of bug.

Image 206

I have the same issue which occurs when I charge in an underground carpark with no Mobile Data coverage (thick concrete walls). TeslaFi thinks my return trip is one single journey and when adding a lot of charge the Wh/mi goes int0 -900 to -1000 wh/mi.

I don't want to delete the record of this drive but it is skewing my average range for the month. I will raise a separate Feature request for this.

I also had the same today. This on 2 different charges at 2 different locations. Is there a fix? Maybe manually edit the charge record?

I have just experienced this very thing


This should be fixed and hopefully I finally found a permanent fix to prevent it from happening again.

Under review
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