Not seeing how to export just a list of drives for the month

Peregrine 6 years ago updated by PaulMc 4 years ago 3

I'd like to export a .csv of just the drives I've made - similar to the daily drive summary entries, but for an entire month.  I think this would be useful to anyone who is tracking mileage for business tax purposes, and it may already exist - I just can't figure out how to get anything other than a raw API data dump to .csv.


I'm in my 2-week trial period and trying to download data.  I'm looking for the tag icon in the footer, but I don't see it on any of the screens.  


Got it - since it's labeled "Tagged Drives", I didn't realize it would search (and/or export) Untagged drives.



You can download tagged or untagged drives by clicking on the tag icon located in the footer.

From there just select the dates and tag option if desired.  Once the list of drives appears an option to download the CSV will appear as well.