Could not wake vehicle

Tokaido 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Second time this has happened but it's been a while. The first time I set a wake up schedule shortly before it sent a command to resume charge... Didn't work this time. The only difference in variables this time around was That I had an update (2020.24.6.4) around 0130.

Can anyone help me please.

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This means the Tesla API could not wakeup or communicate with the vehicle.  TeslaFi makes 4-5 attempts on all schedules if they fail but at times even the Tesla app cannot wake up the car without manually waking the vehicle by approaching it with the key.  A reset of the vehicle by holding down both scroll wheels until the screen restarts may help as well if this continues to happen.

The wake up command is usually not necessary as well.  If the vehicle is sleeping TeslaFi will send a wake up command and then wait for it to wake up before sending the command.

Just woke up and doing the daily run down of phone notifications and such, reminded me to check if car charged and it looks like it did, almost charged. So it's back to normal. But i know what you mean, 75% of the time, the app fails to wake up the car to communicate with the car for me; been that way since I got it a year ago.

I'll remember to just reset the car after each update I do. Question is, is it okay to do soft/hard scroll wheel resets while the car is charging?