Missing 2018 drives...

krelltunez 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

I went to my "lifetime" map and discovered I'm missing all my old drives.  I've been on TeslaFi since day one owning the car.  Despite that, TeslaFi is only showing drives totaling 9,695 miles - while my car has 14,625 miles on it.  The value of TeslaFi goes WAY down if my data is being purged/lost.  Can anyone explain this?  I checked and according to TeslaFi, my data is supposed to be retained for as long as my account is active.

Never mind.  Refreshing over and over again somehow "fixed" the glitch.  Wow, I was so disappointed there for a while!

Looking at the calendar, I have only 18 months of drive data, despite owning the car for September 2019 onward.  No drive data for my first year of ownership!

I should note, the charging data is there, but not the drives.