Different Wh/Mile Readings Same Drive 3 Apps-UPDATED

jmschmidt1 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

My wife just drive from OC to San Diego. First "long" drive for our new MY LR.

I reviewed drive date on three apps: TeslaFi, TezLabs and Nikola.  The total distance and average speed on each matched but Wh/Mi was different with TeslaFi.  TezLabs and Nikola are about the same (310/311 Wh/mi) but TeslaFi is reporting a much better 274 Wh/mi.  Why is that? I am confused. Any thoughts/help are appreciated. 

I studied further this issue further and think I figured it out. James, can you please confirm...

I pulled the actual wattages and wh/mi from the car at the immediate end of the drive referenced above.  Then went into Teslafi app and found the setting where I can adjust the kWh Factor.  Messed around with the settings and seems 1.058 (i think that was my final number) caused Teslafi to match up with what the car reported.  So now, Teslafi matches the car and the other two apps are way off...So, James, does this make Teslafi superior in reporting actual data whereas the other two apps (TezLabs/Nikola) are not reporting correct (matching to car) data?