Add "On-Arrival" at Location to Scheduler (as alternative to Day/Time)

BattMobile 7 years ago updated by kcdk99 1 year ago 8


Set up a location for my local Supermarket car park

Then create a Scheduler Event to turn Climate on when I Arrive/Park there.  i.e. this is not a time-of-day event

Curious if there is any progress on this. A location-based trigger makes a lot of sense.


I reiterate spnorth and Pennywise use case. I can charge free at work. So I want to automatically set the charge limit to 90% at work and 50% at home.  Or even better: 50% at home and 90% everywhere else. If I’m going to plug in away from home, it either means I’m charging for free, or I need the extra range. So ideally, this would be my rule:

 - Set to 50% when arriving at Home.

 - Set to 90% when leaving Home.


I have the same need as spnorth ... use the following rules without ANY schedule in play. Since i get free charging at work i want to bump up the charge limit.  When i am at home i have various reasons to charge lower or high so i do not want to mess with my charge limit @ home.  

Set Charge Limit90%WorkConnected
Set Charge Limit80%WorkDisconnected

 Dev would need to trigger based on certain events, not just a scheduler... or just have a way to "continuously schedule" an item?


I want to set my charge level on arrival at certain locations.  For example I manually set charge level to 90% at work and 50% at home.  Would be nice to automate this.


Or on arrival to specified location, if battery is below ___ %.

I can charge at home and at work, and work strange shifts.  Setting multiple hourly checks doesn't make sense.

I think other use cases may make this a great feature to add. One example when 'on-arrival' home I want HVAC to bet set off.