Show supercharging rates (KW+SOC) per model, year, and battery size.

jimhays@email com 4 years ago 0

With so much reporting lately on changes in Supercharging rates, especially for older models, it would be helpful to calculate and display fleet Supercharging rates.  Most folks understand that Supercharging rates are highest at a low state of charge (SOC), and the rate decreases as the battery achieves a higher SOC.  So KW + SOC is one common measure of charging rates.
While temperature also is a factor, I suspect that because of all the variables and ways to measure (battery temp, outside temp, etc.) that it's probably not worth the effort.
Displaying supercharging rate data out of the fleet would provide at least two benefits to users:
- Quickly able to see if my car's supercharging rates are typical, or indicate a problem
- Able to spot when software updates change the rates for entire models, or years, etc.
If KW + SOC is too heavy a lift, then even KWh added over time averages (by model, year, battery) would be really helpful.