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Raw API Data stoped record

edward4hgl 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 10


The raw API data stopped record on the 17th Nov, didn't change any setting.

Not a bug

Thanks for the update.

I can't seem to reproduce it on iOS or any of the browsers on my computer.  Can you try another browser and see if still does it?  What browser are you using?

Hi James,

I use another computer but still using chrome to look at it, it works fine now. Also the initial computer and iOS device. The problem solved suddenly. Thank you. :)

Hi.  Your comment got cut off.  Can you try again?  Thanks

Sorry James.

When I choose other date (after 17th Nov 2017), the page still shows the data on 17th instead of showing the date I chose. As the image above.

Hi  James,

When I choose other date (a

I'm not sure if I understand completely what the problem is.  When I log into your account I see all the raw data.  What are you seeing?

Under review

The raw data page is the data behind the calendar.  For some reason your vehicle was only polling data once every 60 minutes and on 21/11/17 15:29 it went back to every minute.  

I do not know how this could happen other than a sleep setting being changed to poll every 60 minutes.  Did you change that field by chance in the sleep mode settings?

Yes, I did changed the "Polling Time While Idle" once to 60mins. After few days I changed it back, but the raw data page still not refreshing.

But it still record all activities on the calendar page

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