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Best way to track business vs personal miles for tax purposes?

Sasage 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 2

There are a lot of Tax milage apps out there. It would be very useful to enable a Business / Personal use classification so we could just use TeslaFi instead to 2 solutions.  Anyone doing this or any plans to build in a simple solution to this app?  

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You create a tag and tag the drive by clicking on the note icon within the drive:

From there you can download a csv of all drives tagged with your tag within a certain time period by going to the tagged drives page located in the footer:

That should be what you're looking for.


This would be super useful, as would being able to automatically tag drives with "Business" based on the start or end being from specific business locations.  For example, I drive from "Home" to "Customer X", then back to "Home".  Both those drives would auto-tag as "Business", because "Customer X" is flagged as a "Business" destination.