Fleet battery data filters

Firstflyer 4 years ago 0

I found the fleet battery data page and started to look at this in more detail. It was great to look at other cars with the same mileage, temp while charging etc. Then I saw the small "settings" in the header and decided to see what was there. Seeing the data broken down by day with similar type cars was great because I was getting the feeling my battery was losing range faster than it should. There seems to be a group of cars built during a short period of time i(August-September 2018) that are affected with this loss so I thought this data would be great to follow. But then-- I saw the grey boxes with the search criteria shown and under "Model Selection" was-- 3 long range.  Great, but-- I then realized that seemed to indicate all 75kw cars were grouped together. We all know each model has its own mileage rating so my question is can the filters be available or just have each model- RWD, AWD, Performance able to be selected. I for one would like to see if there is any significant difference between them. In addition if you felt that your car had an issue and was trying to make a case with Tesla it would eliminate one more of the SC standard excuses that it is normal for your car. It seems that is what you get unless you have hard data to start with and from a very specific data set. So-- bottom line it would be great if there was a separate data set available for each "type" and not all grouped together as one.