Charge efficiency

PAS70 4 years ago updated by Vesla 1 year ago 3

Hey - my Tesla wall charger efficiency consistently reads around the 30%+ mark, ie only one third of the power consumed gets added to the battery. Can that even be correct? After all the Tesla bugs, errors, quality and service issues etc nothing surprises me anymore though.... German car again next time.

I'm experiencing the same issue. I wonder if Teslafi doesn't register that I'm using 3 phase charging.

Is this really just a calculation error? The formula for calculating efficiency includes phases.

I have the same issue but it is only a display thing. The charging doesn't take 3x energy as it says.

By chance, do you have three-phases charging 3x230V?

I have exactly the same problem. 

I have a three tases charging 3x230 V and 32 Amps

off it is only a display issue; how can be corrected?