API proxy

miken79 7 years ago updated 6 years ago 1

Instead of implementing a few one off API calls how about implementing an API proxy? Such a proxy could be used by other systems instead of talking to Tesla directly. Then we could leverage the sleep abilities you've built to prevent greater vampire drain by only having 1 system talking to Tesla.

An example would be my home automation system. Instead of polling Tesla directly, causing 2 systems to keep talking to my car, I'd just poll against teslafi. I could retrieve the cached information from teslafi and do more advanced automation of my vehicle without incurring a bigger battery cost. Teslafi could return cached information when another system is asking for data and actually make the data calls when another system is asking to turn something on/off.

It could even be expanded out to only allow another service to do certain calls if one were so inclined. So that certain data could be shared but the car couldn't be unlocked/started/etc..


Not sure when this was done but this exists now. Awesome work! https://teslafi.com/api.php