How to check for overheat protection?

berticus 4 years ago updated by Bowlen 1 year ago 2

Is there any parameter that can be used to check and see if the overheat protection is running or not?

I have mine set to no A/C, and I can see when the car wakes up and the inside temp starts going down. But there's no other indicator of anything going on. Fan status remains at 0, and isClimateOn also remains at 0. 

It would be nice if there was some way we could track this. It's very handy to see when it's running, for how long, and how much energy is being used.


This would be great if we could review when cabin overheat protection is enabled or not.  Other services like Tessie can do this. 

Also, another issue I've found, since the car doesn't go to sleep, but is idle. Teslafi will regularly stop polling to try to put it to sleep which it never does. So when looking at the logs, there are all these gaps with no polling done. Not really a big deal though since not much is being missed. But again, it would be nice to know when the overheat protection actually kicks in or when it stops. Maybe if it's running, don't try to do any sleep attempts.