TeslaFi charge data kWh about 40% higher than Tesla shows for 1,925 miles

RayF 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

My Tesla Trip A currently shows 1,925 miles, 481 kWh and 251 Wh/mi. In TeslaFi, I downloaded my latest charge data and use a data range for 1,915 miles starting 1/24 and ending 4/28. The total kWh Used is 681.64 and total kWh Added is 647.58 for this range. It appears that 681.84 goes into the car and the battery accepts 647.58 for a loss of 5%. If Tesla driving uses 481, where does the remaining 647-481 = 166 kWh go? Is it phantom drain as the car is usually "alive" in the garage. (I have Keep Climate On turned off.) The reality is that the car uses 681.84/1925 = 356 Wh/mi; 40% more than the 251 shown.

I sure would like a breakdown of the total usage into the areas you mentioned. In my ICE car, I fill the tank and divide the mileage since last filled by the gallons to get mpg. In an electric car, I'd expect the equivalent calculation of kWh to charge divided by the mileage to obtain the Wh/mile.

For my income taxes, with the ICE car I use gas cost. For my Tesla it's electricity cost. I'm probably going to install solar so I need to estimate my usage. In both cases, when I used my TeslaFi charge data I was surprised to find far more power actually used. If I didn't have TeslaFi I'd have no idea of the huge discrepancy.

AFAIK the trip meter is only considering pure driving (Motors) related usage. Everything else used by the heater, processors, screen, folding mirrors, phantom drain, ... is not shown in the trip meter.