Software update FSD tracking

gibsonomega 4 years ago updated by Jack Waters 3 years ago 5

It would be helpful to add to the settings to track which cars have purchased FSD. That would be interesting to see when looking at updates in addition to the AP hardware.

2017 S100 D FSD HDW 3. MCU I have Been told to have  to have MCU 2 to get updated . I HAVE THE 2020.48.37.8 UPDATE..

I’m just interested in seeing if a car with FSD receives different updates, and what is the acceptance rate of FSD for people using TeslaFi. 

Thank you

Another +1 so I can confirm my suspicions of 2021.4.21.3 and 2021.4.18.11 being FSD exclusive updates.  As an aside, is there a reason why the API JSON readout of my option codes would be different from the ones listed on my Tesla account?  I have a couple of discrepancies with things like Autopilot (no AP vs FSD), car color, etc. I'm wondering if that would prohibit this feature from even being viable. 

That would be great to see the progress of the FSD per vehicle as it is rolling out. I promise to keep my hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, Mr. Musk. I have a 2020 performance model 3, and no updates for like 32 days now. I have the FSD, do not know AP, (is that called APF2?)
I am new to this app, think its great, even though im not sure what some things are for or do.

Could this be added to the software comparison page please from the vehicle option codes ("APF2"). FSD purchased updates Vs Non-FSD cars to monitor roll out. (just like country, model etc as currently).

Same for premium connectivity to see how that affects roll out of firmware