Teleportation to Florida,USA

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It looks like there's an annoying Bug in current 8.1 Firmware, if the car doesn't have valid GPS coordinates it returns Lat: -91.0, Long: -181.0 - which gets displayed as "Florida, USA".

This is of course not teslafis fault, but it does produce useless Start/End addresses if I'm parking underground.

Woould it be posible to special-case that pair of coordinates and treat them as unknown/empty?

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Thanks. I'm not quite sure how that slipped by the code I put in. I was checking if latitude == -91.0 to replace both the lat/long. I just changed it to look for latitude or longitude with the strange coordinates and we'll see if that catches everything now.

I tested by going into underground parking today; the end address of my 2nd drive today still shows Florida,USA as the destination (timestamp 18/4/17 12:31 PM). previously there used to be a series of these bad locations now there's just one left.

Thanks, Martin

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This is in place. The data logger will look for the bad coordinates and replace them with the last good coordinates. Please let me know if this helps.



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Will do. I'll set it to look for the last good lat/long data and replace it with that. I usually run a new version of the data logger mirrored on a few accounts for a couple days just to make sure nothing else breaks. I'll post here when it's in place.


First a remark: I have no idea why these coordinates show up as Florida, USA - those are completely impossible coordinates (Latitude should be -90 for the south pole to 90 for the north pole; Longitude should be +- 180).

If replacement by empty data is not feasible, the best way to treat these would be replacing them by the previous values.


I moved this to the questions area just so it doesn't get lost in the feature requests area.

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I can replace them if they occur in the data logger but if I replace them with a empty data it will break the front end of the site. I could replace them with the users home lat/lon but not sure if that would help or make things worse?