Add a referral program

James 7 years ago updated by bedoig 3 years ago 11

Add a referral program for a $5 credit for each paid user referred to TeslaFi. Each referred user would receive a one month trial versus a one week trial of a non referred user.

it doesn't seem to generate a code; the field stays blank ?

Type something (like your username) into the empty referral code input area and hit save, then it'll present you with the URL incorporating your code. I couldn't figure that out either for a minute, but it worked for me just now.

Found it, in the settings menu.

I can't find the  'Refer A Friend' link.  Has the referral program ended?

So I have had 25+ referrals logged since July 2018 as I'm a HUGE TeslaFi fan and Model 3 forum user and am a little confused on some of my earlier referrals. 

The referral log shows the users account status as "Active", logging as "On", payment info as "Entered", but yet the credit column reads "Did Not Subscribe". Please Advise!

In addition to giving a friend a referral code, is it possible to have a URL that incorporates the Referral code?

I'm imagining that the URL would take the user to the Create Account page, with the referral code pre-filled on the form

Much easier for me to say "Click this" rather than "Go to site, click on Create Account, don't forget to put my referral code in otherwise you won't get the extra 14 days free trial" ...

Thanks. Great product, love it :)

I just took a screen shot with my user name (NJturtlePower) filled in on the TeslaFi sign-up page so i can share it and add it to any picture gallery I want to solicit. ;)


This has been added. There is a 'Refer A Friend' link at the bottom of the website to create a referral code which can be given to new users and entered during signup.

New users will receive a one month trial.

Existing user will receive a $5 credit on their TeslaFi account to be used on the next subscription renewal.

The referral.php page will show the status of all pending, completed or cancelled referrals that have signed up using your referral code.

Referral codes are case-insensitive.

It doesn't currently generate a code?