Battery report based on AGE instead of ODOMETER

exyll 4 years ago updated by SalisburySam 4 years ago 2

Some people drive 200 kilometers a day other 200 a week. When comparing it is pretty much impossible to see if AGE has any impact.

I would like to see that the X-Axis can be set to TIME, or even better AGE of the car. I think that for most Model S/X the production month can be extracted from the VIN number but unsure if this is possible for Model 3 too.

If AGE is not possible then at-least the TIMESTAMPS as the left and right most values.

For example, I think that AGE does have a significant impact on capacity. Friends of me with a similarly aged S has almost identical degradation while his ODOMETER is 3x more than me and I would like to validate this.

Good thought.  My 2012 Nissan LEAF lost its first capacity bar indicating battery degradation of about 15% after 2 years but with only just over 5000 miles at the time.  Yes, Tesla’s battery technology is far better, but nonetheless it would be nice to be able to watch age loss.

I haven't driven my car in over three months so the odometer hasn't changed. I'd like to know how the battery is doing over this time period.