Connect to wifi to receive Software update notification

exyll 4 years ago updated by James 4 years ago 3

At the moment the Tesla app only shows a notitfication when the car has already downloaded an update and it is ready to install. In the car you see a yellow icon indicating an update is ready for download if you connect to wifi.

It would be cool if you could create a "Software update X.Y.Z ready for download, connect to wifi to download" as that would enable users to install updates faster. This could be pushed via Pushover API.


This has been in place for a bit but pushover support was not included.  I just added pushover support and it can be enabled in settings->notifications->Vehicle Name New Software Alerts.

At the raw TeslaAPI Data there would be the information about pending updates, downloading updates and other.

So it would be great if TeslaFi could add it to the website.

AND please add these information to the TeslaFI API

So i could monitor it and send push notifications to my IPhone if there is a pending Update.


I have an update ready for download for my M3 SRP. I've had the car for 10 days and I've tried to connect to my wifi at home with the signal 10 feet from the car and still no luck. I went to Starbucks, McDonald's, and Lowes to try and connect. Need some support so my new update doesn't disappear.