No advanced notice of token expiration

Cyclone 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 1

Prior to TeslaFi being enhanced so you can provide your own token, I supplied my credentials to have it create one on my behalf. When that was approaching expiration, I received an email informing me that my token would soon expire (I think it was one week out).

When the enhancement went in, I used it instantly and it worked great. JDeck, at my request, adding in the creation/expires on fields so TeslaFi could do similar tracking with a manually provided token.

It appears this manual process did NOT kick off the "approaching expiration" email. I received an email on 4/3 saying "TeslaFi Logging Turned Off For Account" and did not have any logging from then until this evening (about 24 hours) since I didn't see the email until I was at work. Thankfully, I kept notes and see I generated the token on 1/3, so it was just the right time for the token to expire. Is the approaching expiration process failing? Is there perhaps a bug preventing manual tokens from using that? Hopefully TeslaFi will send an automated email in 80+ days to warn me before it expires. Thanks!


This has been corrected. The tokens were previously always set to expire 90 days past the creation date but Tesla seems to have changed most if not all to 45 days now. All of the token expiration calculations used to be barcoded for 90 days. I recently changed the settings page to actually calculate the expiration date but did not change the email script.


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