Include fleet data charges with odometer within 100 miles of each charge.

scottf200 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

This battery reporting option is confusing and too limiting.  For my X 100D there is only 1 vehicle that has an odo within 100 miles of mine.  This needs to at least go to 10000 for X and S vehicles. For 3 and Y where you have 1000s of cars it may make mores sense.   Please also provide some help for these options ... even an (i) icon with a popup box dialog to have help in it.

On the date & settings page for the new battery report (beta), the 'Fleet Data' section *really* has a well thought out and easy to understand layout. The summary row at the bottom of each range section is very useful. That is some good design work.

Excellent job on the recent changes (999 mile range) in the new battery report (beta). The additional help/info text is very very helpful. The report is sped up quite a bit. It is getting closer and closer. Great job!