New Battery Report Beta

mkolowich 4 years ago updated by clibat2 4 years ago 4

I just stumbled across the new battery report (beta), which was posted today.  Fascinating!  Also depressing, because it confirms that my Model X 90D is doing significantly worse on battery degradation at my mileage than comparable vehicles.

Now that there is a relatively large TeslaFi fleet, I'd love to see more of these kinds of fleet benchmark comparisons.  Great job as usual, James!

I think I may be Supercharging too much....

"There are 52 vehicles with charges at your current odometer reading.
52 Vehicles have a higher range. 0 Vehicles have a lower range."

hey this is really cool!

One interesting thing to add would be when the car was manufactured or delivered, then seeing if there's a correlation between max range versus when the car was built. Since it seems the range on new cars is always getting better.

What exactly is "similar charges"?

Total kWh at similar odometer?

Ratio between AC or DC charging?

Something else?

"There are 43 vehicles with similar charges at your current odometer reading.
8 Vehicles have a higher range. 35 Vehicles have a lower range.
Your range is better than 81 % of similar users."

I too just stumbled across the new Battery Report Beta under the Charges tab. It adds a chart line for the fleet. My M3P stealth shows a drop from 310 miles to 294 whereas the fleet is 304. I assume the greater than equal to 60% charge setting means it includes any charge reaching or exceeding 60%. When I click Settings (Next to Show Fleet Average), the web page has 3 more settings I don't understand.