Home Charging Rates - Month & Date

Markn455 4 years ago updated by Trebek1762 5 months ago 7

The new home charging rate is an excellent feature. My electric company varies the rate based on time of year rather than the time of day. A lot like daylight saving time. Our lower rate starts in the fall and ends in the spring when they switch to the Summer rate. Some way of adding an effective date to the existing option might to the trick.

any chance of getting this on teslafi??

I’d also like to be able to set different rates for time of day as well as date range. Our rates have gone up every quarter the last year or so. 

same here in VA with dominion, we have winter and summer rates.


I'd like to see monthly home charging rates but for a slightly different reason than those who have the EV plan.

As can be seen on this spreadsheet my monthly effective rates range from $0.107 to $0.160 per kWh and average $0.127 for the whole year (which is the rate I have entered in TeslaFi). It would be great to have the option for monthly rates which would work for me as well as for those who have summer/winter rates.


Same here, in Georgia the EV rate plan has higher rates From June through September. It would be great to be able to add a Start / End date on the hourly charge rate table. 

Same. My rate averages 8.7 cents in the winter and 12.4 cents in the summer.  I currently use 10.5 as an average home charging rate. Calendar-based seasonal rates would be great.

We have the exact same in our area. 4 summer months are a higher rate. 8 months at a lower rate