Teslafi API: Tag Drive

Loftux 4 years ago 0

I use Teslafi for tracking business trips, for reimbursement and tax purposes.

It would help if the Teslafi API would be extended to support tagging of drives.


command - the new API command

tag - What you want to tag with

note - If you want to add a note

Any tag or note with spaces or non us ascii characters need to be url encoded.

If the command "tagdrive" is received during a current trip, tag this drive. If the car is not in drive, tag the last trip.

If implemented, I can easily use an NFC tag to call an iOS shortcut, that calls the API and tags the drive. This way I do not have to tag them in the web interface later. Or later if I get the hang of iOS shortcuts I can probably create one to say "Hey Sire, tag current drive with Work and add note Important Customer Name".