Missing drive session from this morning-during that time "API login failed" is shown

alset2 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Like title says, just wondering what could have caused this? 

I figured I might not be the only one .

Teslafi actually responded to a ticket I opened and said it means that Teslas' server was down (or something like that) so it could not log into to collect data.  A very quick response i might add...

It makes since to me 

I'm surprised they can not retrieve data ?? but I have a very limited understanding of how all this works

I have the same issue missing 5 drive sessions during 7 hours where the logging shows API login failed a few times. Then followed with API Error - Data Request Timeout during those 7 hours.  Then it logged the last drive of the day.  It lost logging at 1st stop and then resumed when I returned to same location of the 1st stop so it looks like I made 2 short trips (the first and last) but all the other 5 trips / stops are missing for some 90 miles.