Weather Smart Charging

maxmoq 4 years ago 0

In Quebec, like elsewhere, we pay our HydroElectricity based on Outside Temperatures.

If outside temp is colder than -12°c, electricity cost are raised by 6X
= (0.045$/kWh is now 0.27$/kWh in cold temps)

A full Model 3 SR+ charge cost 2.20$ now cost 13.50$.

Can we get custom charging based on outside temp?

Here is how I would see it working:

  • If temp is warmer than -12°c = charge as normal.
  • If temp is colder than -12°c AND
    • If weather forecast expects temps remain colder than -12°c, charge as normal, nothing you can do.
    • If temps are forecasted to get warmer than -12°c within charging period, wait and charge when warmer.**

**IF delaying charging would result in an incomplete charge session, begin charging in cold temperatures to always get a full charge at the set departure time. Try to always charge as much as possible in warm temps to save money.

The reason for this feature is because many times during the night the temperatures drop to below -12°c. When I use schedule departure or smart charging, the car begins charging later in the night to get good regen in the morning, but some days that means charging when rates are expensive. If this feature existed, it could know that temperatures are forecasted to drop, so it could adjust the charge times to save lots of money and also reduce grid load in extreme temps.

If you need help programming this, I'm willing to help!