Somehow, when the car is in Service mode, it will still show asleep after 7 hours

Wunderlag 4 years ago updated by Enno 2 years ago 2

My car is currently in service at Tesla, but Teslafi is somehow showing it asleep.

Would be nice to show the Service status and not show (unobtainable) data in the header or in the daily records.

maybe "In Service" should be additional status like "sleep" and "idle"

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Image 1616

It is possible. In the RAW Data Feed is a field: "In Service" if it´s 1, the Car is in Service.

so if possible, please generate a Block, like Idle, Drive e.g. with the type: Service in the overview.

Just my opinion, but it may not be possible to know if the car is in service.  Tesla shuts off the ability for all connections to the car during service and TeslaFi may not know why.  Only the Tesla app may know for sure that it is in service.  Again, I am not sure about TeslaFi's ability to know this status.  It's just what the factory people tell me.