Summary for Idles and Sleeps

Robipad 4 years ago updated by AngelExWing 4 years ago 3

Idles and Sleeps are summarized for one day. More important is having it summarized for multple days/months in order to get a proper idea of the drain during both periodes. I don't know how to do this otherwise then manually adding all day results. Is there a manner to do this?

Each morning I am manually adding the loss for both Idles and Sleeps for the previous day to get a whole view of the day.  I would also like to see this total of both added to the already available summaries.  Thanks!

I also (or rather) should like to have the possibility to choose the starting- and end- dates like can be done with "Charge Summary". The longer the periode the more true the values will be.

yeah, this should be summarized in the calendar view in addition to the drives and charges for the month.