Summary for Idles and Sleeps

Robipad 5 months ago updated by AngelExWing 4 months ago 3

Idles and Sleeps are summarized for one day. More important is having it summarized for multple days/months in order to get a proper idea of the drain during both periodes. I don't know how to do this otherwise then manually adding all day results. Is there a manner to do this?

yeah, this should be summarized in the calendar view in addition to the drives and charges for the month.

I also (or rather) should like to have the possibility to choose the starting- and end- dates like can be done with "Charge Summary". The longer the periode the more true the values will be.

Each morning I am manually adding the loss for both Idles and Sleeps for the previous day to get a whole view of the day.  I would also like to see this total of both added to the already available summaries.  Thanks!