kWh added vs kWh used

GForce100 4 years ago 0

When doing a "Charge Search and Download" I notice that in the CSV file provided there is a kWh used column and kWh added column. I assume that the kWh used column is the amount of energy used to charge the battery and the kWh added column is the amount of energy that has actually been added to the battery inclusive of efficiency loss.

If my understanding is correct then the real cost of a charge session would be closer to the "used" value than the "added" value.

It is then possible to have an option for the Charge Search and Download summary page to show the "kWh used" instead of "kWh added" along with the associated cost? This would be similar to the "Show gas savings as" option where we can select - "Gas Cost" or "Difference between Drive cost and Gas cost".