Because of the charge taper it makes no sense to charge above 80% at Super Charger unless absolutely needed to get to the next stop or destination.It might be helpful to put a reminder on the SuperCharger page to charge and GO.

Kenz 4 years ago updated by electrongeek 4 years ago 1

Charge to what you need to get to the next SuperCharger or destination and you will save trip time.

That usually would be charging from 15 - 60% and then GO.  It is better for the battery and reduces overall trip time.

Charging over 80% in any 300 mile Tesla is usually a waste of time. Now if you have a smaller battery then your situation may be different.  The SuperCharger page should have a recommendation on it for people to limit charge to 80% and GO.

This would help with thru put at SuperChargers.


Charging more than 60% at a Supercharger is not necessarily a waste of time. If doing so allows you to skip an intermediate charging stop, it can save you time on a trip, though often it doesn't. You have to make your own determination about that.