Add graphs to charging sessions

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Add a visual graph to each charging session,


Thanks -- that helps. The mystery remains, though...why, if the charge current is dropping rapidly, would the rate of charge decline only slightly (charge rate in dark brown, charger current in orange)?

Unless the API is doing some kind of averaging over time... After all, charge rate should correlate with the SLOPE of the battery level (blue line), and the rate of growth in the battery level is declining much more in the last 15 minutes than the charge rate would seem to suggest.

I'm not sure. The graph definitely shows that it doesn't match up to the rest of the data.

I wonder if what the car actually reports on the screen during the end of a charge matches what the API is reporting. I'll have to take a look during my next charge.

Thanks for this, James. I especially found valuable the plot of miles added / hour over time, and it actually resolved a question I've had for quite some time -- namely this:

I know that Supercharger charge rates vary quite dramatically over time. They ramp up early in the charge, and ramp down as the SOC gets higher. But I was curious what the curve would look like at lower charge rates, such as with the Tesla wall charger.

The answer is, for the charges I've looked at using the new charts, the charge rate is VERY linear through the entire rate of charge, until you get to about 98%, when the charge current starts backing off.

Here's a question, though...is the measurement of miles per hour INSTANTANEOUS or CUMULATIVE? In other words, are you reporting charge rate for the entire charge or just for the last minute or so. The reason I ask is because at about 98% the charge current starts dropping quite dramatically, but the displayed charge rate doesn't drop as far. This suggests that the displayed rate of charge is actually averaged over the entire charge cycle rather than showing the rate of charge at the moment. Please clarify. (My vote would be to show instantaneous charge rate, or at least a rate smoothed over the previous 10 minutes if there are rounding problems.)

Thanks for the feedback.

The miles per hour is instantaneous and is directly reported by the API under charge_rate. You can add the individual data points to the table below the graph by adding editing the table and adding Charge Rate to the view.

Let me know if that helps


This has been put live for all users. Feedback is welcome!

I would be interested in beta testing this.

This feature is currently being beta tested.