Set charging end time

wayner 3 years ago updated by BattMobile 1 year ago 2

Can TeslaFi charge based on an estimated end time?  I would like my charging to end each day at 7am because (a) that is when my off-peak rate ends, and (b) charging just before you leave can prevent limited regen when temperatures are below 10C as the battery will be warm.

Of course this would require an estimated charge rate but TeslaFi should be able to calculate that, or you can input it manually.

where's the replies to this, I am a new user and wondering why it shut my scheduled charge cycle off last night when it went to sleep :-/

There is another ticket for this:


(This one earlier I think, that one more votes ...)

I achieve part (A) by having a scheduled task to Stop Charging at 07:00AM. If car SOC was very low (my off peak is Midnght-07:00AM) then I will have 70%+ by then, which is fine, the following night I will get back up to 90%

If I am going somewhere "tomorrow" and SOC was low I need to remember to override this - typically I just charge Peak Rate the evening before. (If I return home below 25% I charge immediately anyway - so I don't leave the battery parked at low SOC).

I also have scheduled task to change SOC to 80% at Midnight, and change to 90% an hour before departure (so 06:00AM for your end of Off Peak) and then another to start charging. That gets me the "one hour charge before departure" to warm battery in winter. 

I prefer this to "Start charge based on finish time" in case of power cut. I want to charge "most of requirement" as early as possible, and last 10% to get battery warming etc. (I still have limited Regen in Winter; Battery heater rarely actually comes on, unless very cold (for UK), but its for shorter period of driving than no charging before departure)

But would be nicer if there was a Task Option to finish at given time, or complete "last 10% of charge" at given time, and for "Charge before departure" as distinct from "Charge before end of Off peak" might as well offer Climate-On for the last N-minutes because that would save having to set up a separate task.  My "condition car for departure" is 5 or 6 individual tasks and if I want to change anything I have to carefully change the time of all of them, so they remain synchronised.