Sleep mode flags?

splee 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 3

In my sleep settings, I have enabled TeslaFi Sleep mode, but not the Scheduled Nighttime Sleep Mode or Deep Sleep mode. However, at the bottom of the sleep settings, there appears to be these mode flags which always show as 1, which I surmise to mean that they are enabled. Can you clarify?

Current Tagged Location: Home
TeslaFi Sleep Mode: 1
Scheduled Nighttime Sleep Mode: 1
Deep Sleep Mode: 1

Yes, the location based settings will only apply if the main sleep modes are turned on.

So the global sleep settings are essentially ANDed with the current tagged locations sleep settings?


It just means TeslaFi has your current location as Home and Home has all three sleep modes enabled.  If you had these modes enabled in the sleep settings they would be active since the tagged location is marked to enable them when you are idle at the location.  Since you only have TeslaFi sleep mode active the scheduled sleep mode and deep sleep mode will not occur even though you have them set per the location.