Temperature tab efficiency

Ghostridertesla 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 4


Today I had my first drive under 50 degrees and the home page displayed my efficiency at around 105%. However, when I checked the temperature tab it said 84%. The mileage driven was correct in both but just wondering what the discrepancy is due to.


I just noticed that temperature efficiency chart looks way off, too...after this correction was posted.  See chart below.  Last week, drives over 25 miles were showing high 90’s efficiency in the middle temperature ranges, and now they are in the mid-70’s, which is clearly incorrect.

I cleared your cached drives out yesterday and it looks normal now.

Looks good now, thank you!


Thank you.  I corrected it.  I had made another correction to this page last week that fixed one problem and then caused another.  Please let me know if that looks correct now.

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