Please expose the Tesla api Software Update object in the TeslaFi api

mcwill 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 5

The vehicle state response now contains the following object, can this be mirrored in the TeslaFi api response as it could be fun to alert on a s/w waiting to download.

    "software_update": {
      "download_perc": 100,
      "expected_duration_sec": 2700,
      "install_perc": 10,
      "scheduled_time_ms": 1575689678432,
      "status": "scheduled",
      "version": "2019.40.2.1"

@Random206 At the time of the request the Tesla App would only notify once the software update had been fully downloaded. I’m currently pulling the s/w update fields into Home Assistant so can flag when an update is available to download and graph the download progress. (Much faster now I’ve replaced MCU1 with MCU2)

@mcwill can I ask what you meant please when you said 'could be fun to alert on'?

How do you alert on this personally?


Two new fields have been added to the API:

Tesla API -> TeslaFi API

version -> newVersion

status -> newVersionStatus

The other fields are not logged but those are the ones TeslaFi uses to send alerts.

Was just looking for this today too!
The current Version is there, but nothing else.