Vacation Mode

rfmurphy81 7 years ago updated by BattMobile 6 years ago 1

The site should have a Vacation Mode to minimize vampire drain when the vehicle will not be in operation for any specified period of time. The hope will be that TeslaFi would only check the car periodically to allow it to sleep as much as possible while hopefully preventing range loss. 

Possible options:

  • Simple on/off toggle
    • Users may accidentally forget to turn Vacation Mode off so perhaps an email reminder each day ("hey, your TeslaFi account is set to Vacation Mode, so you won't get any recorded drives").
  • Schedule via dates and/or times (e.g. November 1 2pm until November 8 10am)
    • This seems like the most direct and best method to handle this feature. 

The only potential issue is how charging would work. If the Tesla API indicates scheduled charging, perhaps TeslaFi can resume polling at the start of that time to capture charging data. 


I forgot to turn off scheduled "Set climate" for morning / evening, would be good if Vacation mode could do that too.