Message if car is Offline in the Header missing

pjw65 3 years ago updated by James 3 years ago 3

My car is since 10 Minutes offline (I found it in the RAW Data), but on the top of the Frontpage I see still the last mesage:

MyCar Is Idling

5 Minutes

Instead of :

MyCar Is Offline
10 Minutes

Also a warning Message when I Turns the data logger off is missing. Still saying Idling 5 Minutes.

Would be good if one could get an email when the car is offline for an extended period of time.

Sometimes a reboot of the main display helps - but one has to know that it's stuck.


The state located at the top of the page will now indicate the time the vehicle has been offline.

I also added a notification option and time setting to email you if the car has been offline for x amount of minutes.

The warning message if logging is off located in bold at the bottom of the page.



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