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Supercharging at Bluewater Kent

drnicktan 7 years ago updated by pjw65 7 years ago 3

Hi, I have now charged 3 times at the Bluewater  Supercharger in Kent, UK. The first time was before I subscribed to Teslafi, but the subsequent two times were after subscribing. None of the charging data has shown up on Teslafi data. The last episode was earlier today around 3.15pm-4pm GMT. What am I doing wrong or is there a big?

Hi James,

Thanks. The supercharger was located on the ground floor of a multi storey car park. Guess the cellular network was patchy.

Thanks for your help!

BW, Nick

Not a bug


If you check the raw data page located in the database icon near the bottom of the site you’ll see that the car was offline.  It could be no cellular coverage or the Tesla api was not responding on your car. If it’s happened before at the same spot it’s most likely no cellular coverage. Unfortunately it’s not something I can do anything about since the Tesla API requires a live feed to acquire data. 



If your cell phone has coverage or there is an open WLAN, you could connect the car to it, and teslafi is recording fine. :)

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